Provasoli Award for John Beardall and colleagues

The 2002 Luigi Provasoli Award for the Outstanding Paper published in Journal of Phycology in 2001 has been won by John Beardall and colleagues from Monash University and the University of Ancona, Italy. The award is presented by the Editorial Board in honour of Luigi Provasoli who made major contributions to the study of algal life histories and nutritional requirements. (1908-1992), founding editor of J. Phycol.

The recipients were Mario Giordana (Uni. Ancona), Mustafa Kansiz, Philip Heraud , John Beardall, Bayden Wood and Don McNaughton for their paper entitled FT-IR spectroscopy as a novel tool to investigate changes in intracellular macromolecular pools in the marine microalga Chaetoceros mullerii. which appeared in Vol. 37(2) 271-279.

This is the second Provasoli Award won by an ASPAB member in just 3 years with the 1999 award being won by another ASPAB Committee member, Dr Britta Schaffelke.