Every 22 minutes - somewhere in the world,
another man, woman or child will stand a landmine

All material and resource pages below feature photographs and designs by Tim Grant
Tim's intro into landmines
Photos by Tim Grant, taken  in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Angola, Kosovo and Mozambique, from 1986 - 2000.
A compassionate and realistic look at the consequences of standing on a landmine.
"Be Aware!" There may come a time when you have to enter a mined country, or may even be laid in your own country.
Mine Awareness Education (MAE) materials designed and produced for Cambodia by Tim Grant for the Land Mine Awareness Programme (LMAP) and the Mines Awareness Training Team (MATT) 1990 - 1996.
Intro to the world
of landmines.
Photos of mine related subjects
Victims of landmines injuries
Messages for Mine Awareness Progs.
Materials for Mine Awareness Progs.
Descriptions of several different types of landmines found around the world. Also safety messages and other information.
Includes information on the history, technical details and socio-economic  problems posed by landmines.
UNICEF's point of reference for the effective planning and implementation of mine awareness programmes (Messages Section by Tim Grant).
Find out what action YOU can take to help rid the world of the landmine menace.
More useful addresses and web links of mine related organizations and Campaigners.
Mines!! describing the various types
History of Landmines
Unicef's Guidelines for Mine Action Ed.
You Can Take
Landmine Links
More useful URLs

My introduction to the world of landmines started in 1990 when I began working as the Land Mine Awareness Programme's (LMAP) Media Coordinator in Site II refugee camp, located on the Thai/Cambodian border. I led a team of Thai and Cambodian locals to set up the world's second landmine awareness programme, after Afghanistan, funded by the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Over the next 10 years I worked in various capacities landmine awareness for several Aid Agencies & UN Departments based in such mined countries as Cambodia, Angola, Kosovo, Laos and Mozambique.

I have accumulated an unique archive of images, materials and writings that document the early years of Mine Action (starting in 1989) up till the early 2000s. (To read information and view images on Mine Action and Mine Risk Education - click one of the link boxes above.

Ban em now See more about Elsa 11 yo Angolan girl Elsa Armindo Chela was out picking mangoes when her cousin stood on a landmine. The explosion blew out Elsa's left eye.

Photo: Tim Grant

These Cambodia village children cannot use their
local swimming because it is now a minefield.  

More Landmine Related Information and Resources
Information on the activities of the ICBL
An archive of ICBL and Human Rights Watch's which documents the companies involved in the manufacture of antipersonnel landmines and their components.
Information on ICBL country campaigns and other NGOs working to ban landmines. 

The ICBL 'Ban Bus Tour' has now finished,

go here to find out the details.

Monk Victim
A 16 year old Cambodian  monk who stood on a landmine
on his way home from a celebration.

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