ACTION YOU CAN TAKE:- ( The following webpages will open in new windows)

  • Sign the People's Treaty to ban cluster bombs.
  • Help spread the word and try to generate publicity. Write a letter to the newspaper editor, or an opinion/editorial to your newspaper to express your concern about antipersonnel landmines. See a letter sample here. Appear on a radio or television program to discuss the landmine issues.
  • Organise an event to support the Ban Treaty, such as a "Mine Action day'. Or a 'Walk to Ban Landmines' such as English landmine survivor Chris Moon did. Make a 'shoe pyramid'. Start a poetry, art or essay competition with winners details published in the newspapers. Hold a fashion show or musical concert. Use your imagination.
  • Design and produce your own advocacy campaigning tools eg posters, buttons, postcards or brochures. Ideas and Tools here
  • Join the Adopt-A-Minefield project which raises funds for minefield clearance and victim assistance.
  • If you live in the United States, you can write a short letter to the President, Secretary of Defence, First Lady, the Secretary of State or find your Congressional representative to let them know how you feel about antipersonnel landmines, and the refusal by the U.S. to sign the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. Contact the US Campaign To Ban Landmines for more information on how to endorse the ban. Info on how to contact Members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate.
  • If you live in Europe, you can write a short letter to your leaders. (Email address here). European leaders letter sample here.
  • Give landmine awareness presentations at local schools, religious groups, civic organisation or other associations' meetings.
  • Write a letter to the CEO of the US companies or European companies (European company addresses here) that refuse to stop producing antipersonnel landmines and/or their components. Boycott products and services of these companies and subsidiaries who manufacture landmine technologies. European letter sample here.
  • Create a landmine related website. Include a Ban Landmine Button on your website.
  • BE CREATIVE! There are many more ways to educate and mobilise the public by using local resources and talent.


  • Support the International Campaign to Ban Landmines Donate Now so they may continue their invaluable work.
  • Support Landmine Action by keeping up with their updates.
  • Purchase Landmine Monitor publications which contain detailed information 121 countries and other areas with respect to ban policy, mine action, mine/ERW risk education, casualties, victim assistance and international support for mine action.
  • See the ICBL list of network list of national campaigners which need your support.


  • To sign and/or ratify the 'Mine Ban Treaty'. Check here to see if you government has signed and/or ratified.
  • To destroy all landmine stockpiles before the treaty deadline.
  • To support international and bilateral programs for humanitarian mine action programs, including socio - economic reintegration of mine survivors.


  • Become a campaign member. Join your local International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) branch, or if there is none, start one!
  • Endorse the call for a Ban by signing the 'People's Treaty'.
  • Keep track of ICBL's Action Alerts.