These Rhyming Couplets are featured each day in the WestAustralian Newspaper. Contributions are sent in by the general public and a constant feature is the appalling poetry which has become one of its greatest delights to the Western Australian newspaper readers. The following pages are the poetic comments on Constable Care which I post each day on my forum. To contribute your own awful rhyming couplets go to Constable Care's Web Page.

I would like to thank Rhonda of Washington State, U.S.A., for her contribution to these pages.

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Clear your gutters of leaves and mud,
Or you could have a minor flood.
[by Tom, Armadale ]

Pick clothes and food off your floor,
So cockroaches won't come back any more.
[by Steve, Trigg ]

You should always listen to the news,
And stay up to date with current views.
[by Tony, South Perth]

To be seen at night,
Wear clothes which are light.
[by Steve, Trigg ]

No matter what your conservation views,
You must monitor how much water you use.
[by Graeme, Claremont ]

If you feel that there is never enough time,
Remember, slowing down is not a crime.
[by May, South Perth ]

On a sunny day
It is good to get out and play.
[ Sydney, Rangeway Primary School ]
You should be keen,
To shower and keep clean.
[by Steven, Trigg ]

If you MUST play with fire
Keep a water bucket by yur.
[Rhonda, USA]

If you want to get fit do less of the talk,
And a whole lot more of the walk.
[Greg, Mosman Park]

If you are always disorganised
and in a hurry,
You will only create
lots of stress and worry.
[Mary, City Beach]

If you get lost don't flap,
Just take a look at the map.
[Jenny, Yokine]

When you find it hard to keep your cool,
Go for a workout in your local pool.
[Barry, Bull Creek]

If you really don't want skin cancer,
Then slip, slop, slap is the simple answer