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Martin Family Tree

Newland Family Tree

The search for William Henry Tucker

The search for Rhoda Pidwell

The search for Minnie Wark

Extended Family Tree


Instructions for navigating the extended family tree:

1. To locate an individual quickly, click on any name on the tree and type F on your keyboard. This will display a list of all individuals in the tree.

2. To view a particular individual's ancestors and descendants, right-click that individual's box and choose Make Primary Individual. This places the individual's box it in the center of the family tree, with the individual's ancestors to the right of the box and descendants to the left.

3. To see more information about a particular person, click their box and type D on your keyboard.

4. To move up and down and left and right through the tree, use the scroll bars.

5. To return to the center of the tree, press the Home key on your keyboard.

6. To zoom in and out of the tree, use the + and - keys on your keyboard.

For additional help, please read the detailed InterneTree Instructions.