MY VISIT TO IRAN - October 2006

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Scroll down to the photo album to see the Iranian National treasures. I scanned in the postcards which I bought at the treasury in Tehran. Sorry that you have to click on each thumbnail to enlarge the picture - that is how the thing works. It is a commercial website and therefore has ads: Sorry about that, too.



Wee Wee Wee Wee all the Way Home

Who Only Stand and Wait

Water, Water Everywhere

And One by One Crept Silently to Rest

Round and Round the Garden

To the Beat of a Different Drum

One half as Precious as the Goods They Sell

A Muezzin from the Tower

I passed by his Garden

Next to Godliness

Mid Pleasures and Palaces

The Cat Sat on the Mat

The Writing Unto the King

The Desert from the Sown

Come fill the Cup

and in the Fire of Spring

The Winter Garment of Repentance Fling

Beautiful, Beautiful Soup

A Collision in my Vision

Think, in this Battered Caravanserai

The Lion and the Lizard Keep the Court

Round the Decay

All Creatures Great and Small

I Came Like Water and Like Wind I Go

And That Inverted Bowl

A Bridge Too Far

Here, with a loaf of bread

Unconsidered Trifles

In more-than-oriental-splendour

There was a Door to which I had no Key

My apologies for all the "out of context" quotes. No prizes for recognising the sources; about half of them come from Fitzgerald's version of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

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