The information on this page is with thanks to Dianne who taught me and who wrote these notes.

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1. Major Arcarna
2. Minor Arcarna - Swords
4. Minor Arcarna - Pentacles
4. Minor Arcarna - Cups
5. Minor Arcarna - Staves

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The Major Arcarna is seen as a "story" about life. However one interpretes the cards the story has a sense of progression for a person in terms of their development and understanding. It represents transformations - birth, growth, death, rebirth - a cycle which is sometimes known as "the journey of the fool."

The Minor Arcarna corresponds to the four suits found in an ordinary pack of cards. They represent different personal attributes and aspects of life.

CupsHeartsEmotions, RelationshipsSpringWater
StavesClubsActions, AchievementsSummerFire
SwordsSpadesIntellect, DifficultyAutumnAir
PentaclesDiamondsMoney, PossessionsWinterEarth

Across the suits the cards have similarities according to their numbers. They have a sense of progress through life, just as the Major Arcarna does.

The actual way any particular card acts is determined by its suit - i.e. the Three of Cups would indicate firm foundation in family life and the Three of Pentacles would indicate laying down financial plans.

AcesNew beginnings (depending on the suit)
ThreesFoundation, Planning
FoursRest, Stability
FivesSetbacks, Difficulties, Losses
SixesGains, Triumphs
SevensCare, Perserverance
EightsChanges, Movement
NinesSecurity, Satisfaction
TensSuccess, Completion
Prince or PageYoung males
Princess or KnightYoung females or active people
QueenMature women
KingMature men

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