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This is the headquarters of the PINK and home of the legendary Pink Panther, gang-leader extraordinaire, Australia's Greatest Living Treasure.

The PINK is the most successful charitable organisation in the whole of Cyberland. Our motto is "Charity Begins at Home" and we work assiduously to uphold this principle at all times.

We operate on strictly democratic lines with the command resting solely on the shoulders of that most capable of cats, The Pink Panther. Second in Command and Props Person is Tigger. Other upfront gang members are insane, who is instantly recognisable as he drives around on his pink cloud, the purple phthoi , The Crim .... er .... The Crimson Slarty and not last and definitely not least, and not to be mistaken for the other one, is The Scarlet Slarti who is our secretary and note-taker (but only from the very best banks).

And then, of course, there are the Wee Folk - a loosly knit band of gnomes, orcs, dwarves and an occasional stray elf. *We never DID find that echidna!*

One of our most successful operations was the kidnapping and holding to ransom of King Kong. The story of this clever operation can be read here.

The account of another difficult and dangerous operation carried out by two members of our little band, the stealing of the Statue of Liberty from under the very noses of the FBI, can be found here.

For an account of the very latest raid carried out by THE PINK, in which a daring attack was made on a cable at a hidden destination in England, look at this.

Besides our upfront gang members we also specialise in double and undercover agents.

One of our must successful double agents is Bullwinkle. She usually wears periwinkle foam thingies on her head. Her partner in crime, Rocky, is not aware of her double role, so it is best not to mention the part she plays in the success of the PINK.

Our undercover agents are the gallant chopper driver, Captain WordSmith, and his fair companion, Blondie, famed throughout the world as the lady who has driven more harrier jump jets to an early grave than any other woman in the history of aviation.

Using false identities and heavily disguised in order to escape detection these two brave agents have infiltrated the very headquarters of the L-E-X-Y, a pernicious criminal organisation dedicated to eliminating the PINK and all it stands for. As Actionman and ArmyBarbie they tread the dangerous territory around the bars and beaches of the Bahamas, soaking up sun, cocktails and information in almost equal amounts - although information probably comes a poor third.

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