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Subject: nobody here? i've just had a thought
Posted By: the pink panther

i believe that there are a couple of concordes lying around not being used at the moment. it occurred to me some time ago that the best way to stay young is to lose a day a day - a sort of weight watchers with a difference. if it was possible to whizz people widdershins for a week they would young [as compared to age] but one day per day due to the rejuvinating effect of crossing the international dateline.

better than injections of monkey glands??????

all the PINK needs now is a couple of concordes. hmmmm - paris, new york, london. [memo - ask the scarlet slarti if he stumbled across one when he was in new york.]

CLASSIFIED AD: anybody knowing the whereabouts of sundry concorde aeroplanes please contact Minnie La Rose. It may be a rewarding experience. ?;-]

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Subject: the little green men are green
Posted By: the scarlet slarti

because they weren't allowed in the blue man group.

this is my first test flight, boss, but i've been studying, so it should be a piece of cake.

ok, here goes.

*clears throat, opens text book*

"plane a fly, to how" by Pilot A. Just

1. level off - check, we are flat on the ground, tower.
2. retract landing gear - check. uh ... uh-oh.
3. go up, fast - hmmm ... we just went down a bit, fairly fast.
4. go forward, fast - uh ... should i get out and push?
5. get in the plane - i wouldn't recommend it right now ...

hmm ... this process may need some retooling ...

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