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Minnie La Rose, minnie the pink, minerva & superminerva

In her various names, minerva has taken sole rights to the colour pink. If it's pink, it's hers. The stalwart of SST's night shift, Queen Of Crime, Australia's Greatest Living Treasure - many blushing comments have been laid at the feet of Minnie La Rose, in all of her various guises. In her Minnie La Rose incarnation, as shown here, she is the cheroot-smoking feminist in the pink satin and black lace corset. This, she assures me, is designed to strike fear into the heart of any male who tries messing with her. Look, I only write what I'm told, OK? And that's what she says.

As minerva, aka ‘minnie the pink’, she is thought by many to be SST's greatest crime boss, but The Lexy vies keenly for that title and, indeed, has inflicted some crushing defeats to our subject. So which of them is the Queen Of Crime? Right now, it's too close to call.

A little known fact about minerva is that she is presently attempting to steal the Rubaiyat from under the noses of the world's leading academics. To aid her in this devastatingly cunning task, she has created for herself a secret personna at The Readers' Vine. You can spy on her efforts so far by calling into her secret lair, the house of PinkPersian Khayyam. But be careful where you tread, for there are traps everywhere designed to catch LEXY spies. Always tread carefully when in one of The Pink's houses, because you never know what trap she may have set for you. Many a LEXY operative has come to grief by underestimating this most resourceful of SST's ladies.

As superminerva, she is a heroine to all the good decent folk of Australia, that is when she isn't stealing their diamonds and hiding them in the tail of her cape. But as superminerva, she can leap small buildings *ouch* to rescue those who are in trouble. Assuming, of course, they are in trouble on the opposite side of a small building to where she just happens to be.

Many well-known people have generously provided quotes about her:

Mel Gibson: “We Aussies have to stick together, that's what I keep telling her. But she keeps rejecting me. I dunno why, I guess maybe she's playing hard to get. Or perhaps I'm just not pink enough. She just breaks my heart.”

John Major: “Melissa is a wonderful girl. Her work here at The Skyship Enterprise is appreciated by many people, I know, and we would all be terribly upset if R2D2 were to win. So, keep up the good work, Medusa.”

Lexy Boss: “Hah! She's a pushover really. I have to make it really easy for her if she is to stand any chance at all.”

Frank Ifield: “When the angels ask me to recall the thrill of it all then I shall tell them I remember... umm... wassername... the lady who likes pink.”

Crocodile Dundee: “That's fair dinkum, Sport.”