Canon IXUS 750 (IXY 700) vs Panasonic FZ20

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Yes, this is the comparison that EVEYRONE has been looking for. We have a brand new Canon IXY 700 (which has two other names) purchased from a shifty eyed denizen found crawling around the foetid bowels of Hong Kong and we compared it to the Panasonic FZ20 acquired from one of the fake generating criminals who lurk on eBay and the edge of the law.

First some stats of these magnigificent beasts (stolen from DPReview):
Canon IXUS 750
Canon IXY 700
Canon SD550
Panasonic DMC-FZ20
Price $AU (SPE05)$620$749
Max Res3072 x 23042560 x 1920
ISO50, 100, 200, 40080, 100, 200, 400

Now the pics:
Macro wide:
Macro zoom:
Distance wide:
Distance zoom:
Distance zoom +digital:
Close wide:
Close zoom:

Round up

The FZ20 is wins on any zoom contest, 12x zoom rocks and image stabilisation with zoom is simply outstanding. The optical zoom for the IXUS only gets to x3, the IXUS digital zoom (x12) is no match for the quality you get with the FZ20 optical zoom (x12). However the wide angle image quality is very similar. The IXUS images seems to have slightly warmer colours. The IXUS produces higher res images but really, big deal, unless you are going to print 60" x 40" posters ... and even then I would challenge you to spot the difference. The Canon is cheaper. The Canon is MUCH smaller. In the end the size of the camera is critical, for me. Because of the size of the FZ20 I would not that camera to many of the places where I can easily slip the IXUS into my pocket therefor I would use the IXUS more and get better value out of the camera. However, for cool shots that require a good zoom then, without doubt, the FZ20 is your camera. With the IXUS you are stuck with manual zoom (aka walking forward). Note that if you only want a 600x450 image (as above) - then digital zoom is effective, otherwise: don't use digital zoom!