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Andrew O'Keefe

Produced by: Southern Star Endemol

Official Pages
AUS Deal or No Deal (Seven Network)
ARG Trato Hecho (Telefe)
ESP Allá Tú (Telecinco)
FRA A Prendre ou à Laisser (TF1)

Deal or No Deal (Four)

GER Deal or No Deal (SAT1)

Deal or No Deal (Israel10)

ITA Affari tuoi (RAI)
PHI Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (ABS-CBN)
SUI Deal Or No Deal (SF1)

Deal or No Deal (NBC)

Unofficial Pages
FRA A Prendre ou à Laisser (Vincent)
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Deal Or No Deal

An audience full of eager contestants - whittled down to one - given one chance in 26 of picking up a large cash prize!

Deal Or No Deal
Deal Or No Deal
  Deal Or No Deal


The Dutch are responsible for this no-so-little creation; one person within the audience is given a chance to vie for a large cash prize. That lucky individual contestant selects a gold briefcase from one of 26 hostesses. Each case is numbered 1 to 26 - and contains a monetary amount ranging from a few cents to six or seven figure sums. The contestant can opt to keep the case in his/her possession, or perhaps opt for the cash offer presented to them by the resident "bank" at the end of a series of rounds. Once the case is chosen, the remaining 25 cases are handed to each of the other players from the podium round. The contestant is then asked to nominate a number of cases (6 in the initial round, 5 in the next, etc.) to be opened so that the monetary amount in those cases can be revealed. The podium player holding each nominated case is asked to hazard a guess as to the amount in their case - and if they're correct, they win a cash prize.

The number of cases to be revealed in each round is as follows:

Round 1 - 6 cases
Round 2 - 5 cases
Round 3 - 4 cases
Round 4 - 3 cases
Round 5 - 2 cases
Round 6 and any subsequent round - 1 case

The aim of the player is to hopefully not reveal the larger cash prizes. At the end of each round - the "bank" will offer the contestant a monetary amount to try and convince them to make a "deal" and quit the game at that point. The amount the contestant is offered is based on the odds that that player might have the major prize in their possession (or some other large prize money amount). If the contestant believes that they are in possession of big bucks or that the deal the bank offer is not worth considering - they will say "no deal" and the game will move on to another round.

It's a high tension game that relies strongly on luck, timing and a great deal of courage. I find it a great deal of fun!