Dog Eat Dog (2002)

Six contestants - four multi-faceted tasks, loads of ego and a $50000 prize. What does it add up to - Dog Eat Dog.

Host: Simone Kessell

Aired: 2002

Produced by: Seven Network Productions

Broadcasted by: Seven Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Dog Eat Dog

Premiere episode (7 Apr 2002)


The British have a lot to answer for. In this game, based on a BBC concept, six contestants battle each other, playing on each other's preceived weaknesses, to bid on becoming the evening's "top dog".

During the course of the show - the contestants vote for one of their peers to undertake a series of challenges (of which are 5 in all). The person who is given the most votes is forced to undertake the challenge. The successful completion of the challenge by that contestant allows that player to choose one of the players who nominated them to face the "losers bench". Failure condemns themself to that fate.

The first four challenges are as follows:

- Maths Challenge
- Word Challenge
- "The Rock" (Climbing Challenge)
- Logic Challenge

By the fifth challenge - there are only two players left, and they face off on "The Grid" - where they must determine the pathway which will lead them to the title of "Top Dog".

The sucessor then faces one last barrier to receiving the $50000 grand prize - a general knowledge round. They nominate one of the losers to face a questions based on a named category. They must choose the individual who may believe has the least chance of answering that question - keeping in mind they can only choose that individual once. A correct answer gives a point to the losers team - an incorrect answer a point to the "top dog". The first person/team to reach three points is given the monetary reward (ie. $50000 for the "top dog" or $10000 each to the loser bench members).

The Australian version of the show stayed in prime time for a few weeks, but was eventually relegated to the summer off-season because of disappointing ratings. Still - I enjoyed the show.

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