Fear Factor (2002)

The hard-hitting stunt show where contestants compete for self-satisfaction and a cash prize.

Host: Marc Yellin

Aired: 2002

Produced by: Southern Star Endemol

Broadcasted by: Nine Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Fear Factor

Premiere episode (18 Feb 2002)


Six contestants fight it out each episode to conquer their fears and undertake a series of challenges to avoid elimination and ensure top billing at the end against all other competitors.

The activities are designed test the physical and mental strength of each player. Competitors must attempt to succesfully complete the defined task - for the players which fail to take part or perform worst at the task are eliminated from the game.

There are four challenges in each episode - and the best person is promoted to the next round - to ultimately challenge for the $50000 grand prize.

The Australian version of the show only aired for two episodes - whether the remainder of the episodes shot will be broadcast over the silly season is not known. It would be most unfortunate not to see them - in my opinion "Fear Factor" is quite a good show!


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Created by Chris Powney, 2002.