Greed (2001)

Based on the Dick Clark Production from the US - the show only lasted 8 episodes in total!

Host: Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Aired: 2001

Produced by: Grundy Productions

Broadcasted by: Network Ten Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Greed



Contestants were selected from a contestant pool.

Five players were initially selected for the pre-selection round. A question was asked by the host which required a numerical answer. The players with the closest responses to the actual answer were selected as team members - the closest person becoming team captain. The last remaining player was then returned to the contestant pool for other opportunity at selection.

The key to the game of Greed was to accumulate as much money as possible - working as a team - to hopefully reach the ultimate goal: the top of the "Tower of Greed". Each subsequent question has higher and higher dollar values against it - relative to its difficulty.

The team captain had a special role - he or she was responsible for deciding whether the team should continue to answer questions - or finish up and take the money earned to that point. Also, for each question, the captain also had the power to overrule the answer of any one fellow team member. One false moment with an incorrect answer - and the entire team would leave with no earnings.

During the first four rounds - the questions are posed to one of the contestants - who needed to select one correct multiple-choice answer from a selection of four. At any time after a successfully-completed round, the captain had the option of accepting the prize-winnings to that point and sharing it with his/her teammates. However, once round 5 was reached, an additional element of treachery was added to the game. A feature, called "The Terminator" was triggered off, randoming nominating any one member to challenge another fellow player to a one-question playoff, with the ultimate winner of the challenge taking the opponents share of the game winnings, and the loser leaving the stage. As a sweetener to accept the "Terminator" feature - the nominated players was given a cash payout which could be kept inrespective of the outcome of the duel. "The Terminator" was triggered each round onwards from round 5 - allowing the ultimate possibility of one player going home with all the loot - over one million dollars.

The Australian version of the show never produced any millionaires. I believe the best result acheived was $250,000 by a team.


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Created by Chris Powney, 2001.