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Last Updated: 23 Jan 2010
Special Features
Video Moments

Video Moments
Updated 30 Jan 2007 - UPDATED

Check out video clips of game show highlights, lowlights and other requested items.

International "Millionaire" Page

International "Millionaire" Page
Updated 18 Dec 2003

Come and explore the international phenomena which has gripped more than 100 countries. We will explore how Millionaire is viewed all around the world by featuring different versions.

"The Price Is Right" Pricing Games

"The Price Is Right" Pricing Games
Updated 30 Oct 2004

There are many pages out there featuring the American version - now it's my turn to present TPIR Oz-Style.

The Battle Lines are Drawn - Deal vs Hotseat

Shows airing in 2010

Seven Network AustraliaDeal Or No Deal
Seven Network AustraliaIt's Academic
Nine Network AustraliaPyramid
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Spicks and Specks
Network Ten AustraliaTalkin' 'bout Your Generation
Nine Network AustraliaWho Wants To Be a Millionaire

Shows from the past

Nine Network Australia1 vs 100 (2007-2008)
Network Ten AustraliaAre You Smarter than a 5th Grader (2007-2009)
Network Ten AustraliaAustralia's Brainiest... (2005-2006)
Nine Network AustraliaBert's Family Feud (2006-2007)
Nine Network AustraliaBurgo's Catch Phrase (1997-2003)
Nine Network AustraliaCash Bonanza (2001)
Nine Network AustraliaClever (2006)
Network Ten AustraliaConTest (2007)
Seven Network AustraliaDog Eat Dog (2002)
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)The Einstein Factor (2004-2009)
Nine Network AustraliaFear Factor (2002)
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Flashback (2000)
Network Ten AustraliaFriday Night Games (2006-2007)
Seven Network AustraliaGladiators (2008)
Seven Network AustraliaGo Go Stop (2004-2005)
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Network Ten AustraliaGood News Week (1996-2000)
Nine Network AustraliaThe Great Chase (2000)
Network Ten AustraliaGreed (2001)
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Head 2 Head (2006)
Seven Network AustraliaIslandares (2003)
Network Ten AustraliaJeopardy! (1993)
Network Ten AustraliaJoker Poker (2006-2007)
Nine Network AustraliaKeynotes (1992)
Seven Network AustraliaThe Master (2006)
Seven Network AustraliaMidnight Zoo (2006)
Seven Network AustraliaThe Mole (2001-2005)
Seven Network AustraliaNational Bingo Night (2007)
Nine Network AustraliaNow You See It (2001)
Nine Network AustraliaPass The Buck (2002)
Seven Network AustraliaPerfect Match (2002)
Nine Network AustraliaPick Your Face
Nine Network AustraliaThe Power of 10 (2008)
Nine Network AustraliaThe Price Is Right (Various)
Nine Network AustraliaQuizmania (2006-2007)
Seven Network AustraliaQuizMaster (2002)
Seven Network AustraliaThe Rich List (2008-2009)
Nine Network AustraliaSale Of The Century (1980-2001)
Nine Network AustraliaShafted (2002)
Nine Network AustraliaTemptation (2005-2009)
Seven Network AustraliaTimemasters (1996-1997)
Seven Network AustraliaThe Weakest Link (2001-2002)
Network Ten AustraliaThe Up Late Game Show (2006)
Seven Network AustraliaWheel of Fortune (1981-2006)
Seven Network AustraliaWin Roy and HG's Money (2000)
Seven Network AustraliaWipeout (1999-2000)
Seven Network AustraliaYou May Be Right (2006)


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