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Tony Barber (1993)

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USA Jeopardy! (Syn)
DEN Jeopardy! (TV2)
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1993 Superchallenge Grand Final  
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"Stand by Australia - this is Jeopardy!" The answer-question format, a favourite in America - it had a short stint on our sandy shores - mainly as a result of an unwise decision by network programmers to place it in a timeslot against high-rating news bulletins. A major pity, really!


Unlike the typical quiz show - the goal in this game is to provide a question which corresponds with a given answer. The show consists of three rounds:

Round 1 - The Jeopardy! Round
In the first round - a board of 36 screens (6x6) is displayed. In the top row are a series of categories. In the five screens below each category - there is a monetary amount - ranging from $100 to $500 in two hundred dollar progressions - each representing an answer to questions (of increasingly difficulty) relating to that category. A player begins by choosing a category and a monetary amount. The answer behind that amount is revealed and is read in full by the host. The player who first buzzers in after the entire answer is given has first guess to the question. If the contestant answers correctly - the monetary amount attached to that question is added to the player's score. If an incorrect answer is given - that player loses the monetary amount off their score, and the question is opened up to the remaining players. The player which gives the right answer is given the chance to pick the next question. The round progressing in quick fire action - question after question. To liven things up a bit - there are two "Daily Double" squares hidden behind two of the monetary amounts on the board - if either one of these screens are picked - the player is asked to nominate an amount of money out of their current winnings they're prepared to risk on that question. A correct answer adds the amount - an incorrect answer subtracts that monetary value. The round finishes when all the questions are revealed or when time runs out.

Round 2 - Double Jeopardy! Round
Works in exactly the same way as Round 1 - except all the monetary values on the board are doubled (ie. $200 through to $1000)

Round 3 - Final Jeopardy! Round
For this final round - a category is revealed to all three players. Each player must nominate an amount from their total winnings they are prepared to risk on the unrevealed "answer". Once these are locked in - the answer is revealed. The players have 30 seconds to write down heir responses to that answer. At the end of the time - each players questions are revealed one at a time and the scores collated (based on whether they came up with a correct or incorrect response). The player with the highest monetary value at the end is deemed the winner, is allowed to keep the money won and comes back as Jeopardy! champ on the next show.

Players can only return for a total of five shows before they must retire with all the winnings to that date.

Of very similiar format to the American version - it unfortunately didn't enjoy the same level of popularity. At 6pm , it was up against the heavyweights of two high-rating, major news bulletins - it wasn't given much of a chance to thrive or even survive. In my opinion - it's aformat which should be given another chance in this country - especially now that true quiz shows are in short supply on our screens.