Keynotes (1992)

The game show where putting the right words to the right songs and following the bouncing ball can win you cash and fabulous prizes

Host: Richard Wilkins

Aired: 1992

Produced by: Grundy Productions

Broadcasted by: Nine Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Keynotes



The premise of this game is simple - determine the name of the given songs by uncovering the notes and following the bouncing ball. Earn the most cash over the course of the show and earn the right to carry over for the next show.

To start the game - there are three general rounds. A series of nine squares are presented - with each square hiding a note in a "familiar" tune. A member from each of the two competing teams contest each other at the central podium to determine the next word in a given tune. A card is randomly selected from the host which represents the note which is set to be revealed. Three words are provided which could represent the next word in a given tune. The contestant which is quickest to select the correct word after hearing this tune is given the note represented by that selected card - and their team has the opportunity to guess the main tune by listening to the already-revealed notes and following the rythm of the bouncing ball. If the team can correctly name that tune - they win the round and receive a cash prize. If not - the round continues - rotating through the various members of both team. If neither of the teams can work out the song before all nine notes are revealed - then the prize for that round is lost and the players go on to the next round.

The prizes for each round are as follows:

Round 1 - $300
Round 2 - $600
Round 3 - $1200

At the end of the third round - the team to have the highest cash total earns the right to be carry-over champs and also contest the bonus prize round.

In the final round - the team attempt to win prizes worth double their cash winnings from the previous rounds. The team must attempt to uncover the nine notes of the final tune over the course of 30 seconds - in the same fashion as the previous rounds - however the final tune is only played once - at the end of the 30 seconds. If any of the questions representing the notes are not answered, uncovered, or answered correctly within the time limit - they will not be revealed in the playing of the final tune. If the team can correctly identify the final tune - they win the bonus prizes.

Teams can only contest a total of five nights - a win on the fifth night ensures each team member receives a holiday and two new teams contest the following show.

Keynotes was brought in as a summer time replacement for Sale of the Century and did the job well. A great format.

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