Pass The Buck (2002)

The game where success is governed by providing the correct answer and "passing the buck".

Host: John Burgess ("Burgo")

Aired: 2002

Produced by:

Broadcasted by: Nine Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Pass The Buck

Premiere episode (11 Feb 2002)


The game starts with ten contestants. The aim of the game is to provide correct answers to a given question. Each question has multiple answers - and each player takes turns at contributing a response. Each round continues until a contestant either provides an incorrect answer, or repeat a already given answer. That contestant is then eliminated from the game - and the next round is started with one less contestant.

For Rounds 1-6, the contestants take turns in a fixed order. For Rounds 7 & 8, contestants can nominate which colleague that wish to "pass the buck" to. In round 9, the remaining two players contest a 90 second speed round, where each player gains a point for each correct answer. When a player provides an incorrect answer, a new question is given and the opposing player is given the first answering opportunity. At the end of this round, the highest scoring player is given the chance to play in the prize round.

In the prize round, a series of ten prizes are displayed. The contestant must recall as many of the prizes as possible in 20 seconds. Those prizes which the player recalls correctly are what the player receives for that night. The player becomes carry-over champion for the next show. If a player lasts out five nights - they win a car.

A very simply concept for a show - and I dearly hope that it lasts out against "Wheel of Fortune".

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Created by Chris Powney, 2002.