Perfect Match (2002)

Like peaches and cream, and a coach and a team.....what have you got, a Perfect Match.

Host: Shelley Clark
Co-Host: Agro

Aired: 2002

Produced by: Grundy Productions

Broadcasted by: Seven Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Perfect Match

2nd last episode (6 Nov 2002)


This is the latest reincarnation of the smash hit 1980's game show. Even the original theme song has been faithfully replicated (with a bit of modern flair) for this classic dating show.

Three prospective guys/girls are asked a series of probing question by a single individual of the opposite sex from behind a sliding screen. They select their desired partner based on the answers which are given. The couple are united only at the end of the screen when the screen slides back to reveal all. The couple are then sent away to some romantic getaway for the weekend to test their true compatibility. They return to reveal their true feelings for each other on a later show.

In the original version - it was "Dexter the Robot" who statistically determined the true "perfect match" for the inidividual. In this version - the role is played by former morning kids-show character, "Agro the Wonder Puppet". I had to say - it was nice to see him again.

For those lovers of dating shows - this example is faithful and ceratinly not disappointing.


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