Last Updated: 30 May 2005
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Ed Phillips
Lavinia Nixon

Produced by: Grundy Productions

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Premiere Episode
(30 May 2005)

Temptation > 2005


"The All New Sale of the Century" - it's the same game with a few new twists.


The game pretty much follows the standard rules of the original "Sale of the Century" - with a few twists.

The show comprises of three rounds. Each player starts with $20 starting money. The host asks a series of questions - and the first player to buzzer in is allowed to answer the question. A correct answer increases the player's score by 5 dollars - an incorrect answer decreases their score by 5 dollars.

Temptation Vault:
A new feature to the show - it replaces the Gift Shop in Round 1. The player with the highest amount of money at the time of the game has the opportunity to grab a random monetary amount - ranging between $1 and $5000 - at a cost of $10 of their score. The range counter spins and only stops when the player buzzes in. They get to keep whatever amount comes up.

Gift Shop:
At a point in each of Rounds 2 & 3 - the player with the highest amount of money at the time is given the opportunity to purchase goods at a bargain basement prices. If players chose to buy the product - that value was taken off their score. In the case where two or more players are equal-highest scorers - the prizes are auctioned off by the host to the highest bidder (the host bargains down the price of the goods until someone buys it). Any prizes purchased/won in these gift shop rounds can be kept by the contestant irrespective of whether they win the game or not.

Famous Faces:
This game - offered near the end of each round - is an old favourite which has carried over from the "Sale" years. The contestants are asked a "Who Am I?" question. The host reads out a series of clues as to the identity of the person. The first contestant to buzzer in with the correct answer is given the opportunity to pick a famous face from the game board - however no money is added to the player's score. If an incorrect answer is provided - the remainder of the clues are offered to any remaining players to answer. The game board itself has photos of (Nine Network) celebrities. . Behind each of the faces is either a prize (kept by the player irrespective of the result of the game), a wildcard (allowing the player to pick another face or take a cash prize), a burgular symbol (which allows you to take $5 off the score of the competitor of your choice) or a money value (which is added to the player's score). In the first round, only a $10 value is on the board - duirng the second and third rounds respectively, $15 and $25 are added.

Fast Money:
The Fast Money questions now occurs during the course of all rounds. A timer counts down from 20 seconds (1st & 2nd rounds) and 60 seconds (end of 3rd round) - in which time questions are fired at the contestants by the host. These high-pressure questions often determine the ultimate winner of the game.

"Let's Go Shopping!"
At the end of the game - the player with the highest score is deemed the Sale of the Century champion - and is given the opportunity to "go shopping" with the host to pick up some big prizes, and hopefully the ultimate prize - $500,000 of gold bullion. Each night - a different prize (of increasing value) is offered - the player must decide whether to leave the show with the prize on offer, or take the "Temptation" and risk all to pick up a better prize by winning the following night.

Six nights on the show allows the contestant to take all prizes on offer; seven nights - the jackpot of the $500,000 is offered as well.

"Ten in a Row"
A new feature of "Temptation" - upon agreeing to play on to the following night - the contestant is also given an opportunity to build an additional cash prize to risk - up to a total of $100,000 each night. All it takes is to answer 10 questions in a row correctly over 60 seconds. Each correct question increases the amount of money that can be won - however an incorrect answer means the player must start of the bottom and build their total up again.

"Temptation" has all the vital ingredients of "our favourite quiz" plus many more temptations to boot. I wish the show the same longevity which blessed its predecessor.

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