Last Updated: 29 Jan 2006
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Peter Berner

Produced by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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AUS The Einstein Factor (ABC)
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First Play Off Show
(29 Feb 2004)

The Einstein Factor

Three contestants - each armed with speciallist knowledge - are placed up against a brain trust of well-known brainiacs and celebrities - to determine who is the ultimate Einstein.


This show follows in the guise of intellectual quiz shows like "Mastermind" - but with a comedic twist.

The 3 contestants, armed with a speciallist subject, first test themselves against the clock - and then face each other and the force of the "Brains Trust" - a collective trio of Australian intellectual elite (and not so elite) on other more generalised material. The player to come out with the highest score at the end of the night becomes champion - and faces off in a series of finals to hopefully take the title of "Einstein Factor" Grand Champion.

The first round allows each player (in turn) to answer as many questions in 90 seconds (up to a maximum of 15 questions) on a pre-determined speciallist topic. Each correct answer is worth 100 points. At the end of the 90 seconds - a bonus question is offered up. The player has the choice of answering the question him/herself (claiming 100 points for a correct answer) - or allowing the members of the "Brains Trust" to answer it for them with the reward of scoring 200 points.

In the second round - each player gets to choose a topic from a board of 9 options on various generalised topics. All three players and the combined "Brains Trust" each lock in a multi-choice answer for the related question. If a player comes up with an incorrect answer, they score no points. If they come up with a correct answer - they score 100 points. However, if they get it correct and the "Brains Trust" do not, a bonus 100 points is added to their score. A total of six subjects are chosen for this round.

The final round is a classic buzzer round. Questions are asked by the host (with a spattering of questions relating to the speciallist subjects of the contestants) to all players and the "Brains Trust" - the first player in either scores 100 points for a correct answer or loses 100 points for an incorrect one. The "Brains Trust" just acts as a speed hump to the players collecting points.

The player with the highest score after the third round takes the championship mantle for that evening's play - and progresses on to the next level of final.

In the tradition of game shows offered by our non-commercial TV broadcaster, there are no prizes on offer (other than a trophy for the three grand-finallists) - just the honour of being crowned Australia's ultimate Einstein.