Last Updated: 29 Jan 2006
Facts In Brief
Grant Bowler (2000-2003)
Tom Williams (2005)

Produced by: Seven Network Australia

Official Pages
AUS The Mole (Seven Network)
POL Agent (TVN)
Tape Trading
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The Mole

A game of intrigue and adventure, where one member of your team is undermining your ability to earn hard cold cash. Who is "The Mole"?

The Mole
The Mole In Paradise
The Mole


The rules are simple enough - a team of contestants undertake a series of objectives, with the aim of earning themselves as much money as possible. Money is earned by either successfully completing a challenge, or performing a task well. The big catch is.... one of your team members is a traitor, a "mole" - who is trying to undermine and negate the team's ability to earn that cash, whilst at the same time remaining undetected.

At the end of each episode, the team members answer a series of multi-choice questions, where they attempt to guess who the "mole" is. The player with the lowest score from that test is eliminated from the game. The remaining team members fight on to see another day.

A great game of strategy, intrigue, and treachery - which keeps the viewer and contestants guessing. Compulsory viewing!