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Facts In Brief

Ian Turpie (1981-1986) (1989)

Larry Emdur (1993-1998)
Larry Emdur (2003-)

Produced by: Grundy Productions

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USA The Price Is Right (CBS)
AUS The Price Is Right (Nine Network)
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The Price Is Right

"Come On Down!!!" - It's the famous catch phrase which Aussie and global audiences have enjoyed over many years - with an overadundance of excitement and excessively emotional contestants.

The New Price Is Right
The Price Is Right
The Price Is Right
The Price Is Right


The Australian version pretty much follows the standard game play of the original American version - with the exception of the show case round.

Four contestants are randomly selected from the audiences and asked to "come on down!" to the stage. Three games are played during the course of the show (before the show case round). Prior to each game - the four contestants are asked to guess the price of a particular good which is up on offer as a prize. The player which most closely predicts the true price (without exceeding the real price) is presented with that prize and goes on to play the pricing game.

There have been a large number of different pricing games over the years - and they appear in different combinations during the course of each show (for pictures and summaries of these games - click here). Again - they all tend to follow the rules of the US versions. If the contestant successfully completes the requirements of that pricing game - they win the prize associated with it.

After each game - the spot vacated by the last playing contestant is filled by another from the audience.

After the three games played - the two players who earned the highest value of prizes go on to play for the show case.

Show Case Round
Unlike the US version - contestants are granted the chance to play for the show case by guessing the total price of the show case on offer. The host provides a price range - and the two contestants rattle off guesses - being prompted as to whether there guess is higher or lower than the real price. The player which first matches the correct price goes for the loot! This ain't easy - as then they must rate all the individual prizes (of which there are seven) in order of price from lowest to highest. Needless to say - the show case doesn't go off that often.

Fast and furious - a truly winning formula which always manages to come back time and time again. Simply a classic!

I must acknowledge Brendan Richards and Edy Syquer for their assistance in providing information for this page.