Last Updated: 30 Oct 2004
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The Price Is Right
Tape Trading
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The Price Is Right - The Pricing Games

A major component of any "The Price Is Right" episode is a number of pricing games. Most (if not all) of the pricing games currently being shown on the Aussie version of TPIR are based on those played on the parent US version. At last count - I believe there were 26 different games being played on the most recent reincarnation of the show. They were as following:

Money Game
One Away
One Dollar Deal
Race Game
Range Game
Safe Crackers
Side By Side
Squeeze Play
Two for the Price of One
Two Price Tags

Click on the highlighted entries to see some pictures from that pricing game.


Any Number




Buy Or Sell


Cliff Hangers


Clock Game

Cover Up


The Dice Game

Magic Number

Make Your Move

Money Game

Range Game

Safe Crackers

Squeeze Play