Last Updated: 23 Jan 2010
Tape Traders
These individuals have helped contribute to my video collection over the years.

Travis Penery (x16)
Joe Raygor (x9)
Brendan Richards (x7)
Chuck Donegan (x5)
Mitch Groff (x4)
Brian W. Moore
Steve Thomas (x4)
Brad Francini (x3)
Francis Chu (x2)
Matthew C. Sittel (x2)
Guido Baltussen (x1)
Chris Clark
Sean Davidson (x1)
Greg Diener (x1)
Chris Doane (x1)
Eamon Donnelly
Greg Garsten
Bryan Higgins (x1)
Eric Hjelm
Andrew Jerome (x1)
Kirri Liepins (x1)
David Palomares
Dominic Salamone (x1)
Jason Scott (x1)
Matt Schumm
Brian Schwartz
Leonard S.
Ryan Vickers (x1)
Ryan Wellborn (x1)

Steven Wylie (x1)

Additional material from Alexey Romanov and Travis Penery will be gradually added to the catalogue as time allows.

To these people - THANK YOU!

Trade List

Below are links to online lists of my current tradeable collection of game show paraphernalia. I believe one of the joys of collecting game shows is in the sharing of magical gaming moments with people all around the world.

My list of shows are divided into two - one for Australian shows and one for International Shows.

If everyone out here would be interested in undertaking a trade with me, don't hesitate to contact me at

I will DEFINITELY NOT accept ANY trade which involves any MONETARY TRANSACTIONS - especially considering it is totally ILLEGAL.

In general terms - I believe in 1:1 trades - if you send 10 hours, I will send 10 hours. I provide all my offerings thee days on DVDs (in DVD-R format). The majority of the recordings I have made (ie. Aussie programs) are in stereo and of high quality. I will still accept VHS tapes in exchange (in either PAL/NTSC/SECAM formats).

When making requests - make sure to quote the TAPE/DVD ID to assist me in locating and copying the correct episode. If you need additional info on any episodes listed - don't hesitate to write to me.


I am planning to hold off trading again until my backlog is further reduced. Enquiries are still welcome!