The Weakest Link (2001-2002)

The ruthless quiz show where there can only be one winner!

Host: Cornelia Frances

Aired: 2001-2002

Produced by: Golden Globe Entertainment & Redheart

Broadcasted by: Seven Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of The Weakest Link

Promos - 2002

Pictures from 2001 season


The Weakest Link is based on the BBC show of the same name.

The aim is simple - to hold out against 8 other contestants and ensure that you do not become "the weakest link".

There are 8 rounds in total. Starting with the "strongest link" of each round (or in the case of the first round - the player with the first name alphabetically), players are asked a series of questions - which they must attempt to answer. For each correct answer - the team builds a chain of monetary amounts - which increase in value. When a player provides a wrong answer or passes - the chain is broken and the money collected in that chain is lost. The way to ensure the money will be saved is to "bank" the earnings - at this point a new chain is started. There is a time limit - which decreases for each round as players are eliminated. The money earnt in each round accumulates, and at the end of the night - this forms the total prize money.

The elimination process is simple - each remaining player selects another player to vote out. The player who gains the most nominated is deemed "the weakest link", and is forced to take "the walk of shame" and leave the stage.

By the end of the 7th round - only two players remain. They are left to fight it out in the elimination round - in which each player is alternatively asked a series of questions. After 5 questions to each player - the player with the most correct answers wins. If they are still even, questions will continue until a player obtains an outright lead and is deemed the winner. They then take the full prize pool.

Personally, I have a tendancy to detest game shows such as this which encourage spitefullness and reward only the few. However, it did prove a hugely popular and successful concept in Australia for the 15 months it was on air.

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Created by Chris Powney, 2001.