Win Roy & H.G.'s Money (2000)

The short lived satirical game show starring the dynamic duo, Rampaging Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson.

Hosts: Rampaging Roy Slaven & H.G. Nelson

Aired: 2000

Produced by: Grundy Productions

Broadcasted by: Seven Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Win Roy & H.G.'s Money


Some of the fantastic prizes on offer!

Brought to you by the
"Institute of Australian Intelligence"


Based on the American show "Win Ben Stein's Money" - the goal is simply to win as much of the hosts' money as possible. Up to $5,000 in cold, hard cash is up for grabs!

The rules are simply - answer as many questions correctly as possible. Contestants choose a category from the board - which reveals a monetary value. Then a question is asked - to which anyone can buzzer in. If the contestant answers correctly - they are given a free go at a $50 bonus question. A wrong answer - and the bonus question is open to all. At the end of each round - the player with the lowest score is eliminated, and their money is returned to the hosts.

Round one is made up of three contestants. In the second round - one of the hosts steps in as contestant - acting as a "speed bump" to the other players picking up valuable cash. The player surviving these two rounds picks up the money earned during those two rounds.

In the final round - the lone remaining contestant competes face to face with the contesting host in a 60 second showdown - under which up to 10 questions can be answered. The highest scorer takes all the remaining cash.

There are no fancy showcases - nor squillions of dollars on offer. Its just clean, wholesome fun........NOT!

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Created by Chris Powney, 2001.