Wipeout (1999-)

The show where picking the wrong answers from the answer board could lead to a wipeout.

Host: Tony Johnston

Aired: 1999-

Produced by: Southern Star

Broadcasted by: Seven Network Australia

Some pictures from episodes of Wipeout



This modern version of Wipeout follows a similiar format to that of the American version of the late 1980's. Three contestants select answers from the board which they believe match the clue given. Every correct answer adds points to their score. However - an incorrect answer results in a "wipeout" which wipes the player's entire score.

In this version - there are two initial scoring rounds, with the first round providing 25 points per correct answer, and the 2nd round 50 points. There is also a secret bonus square on offer in the second round which offers the player selecting it an extra prize which cannot be taken away from them. At the end of the second round, the player with the lowest score is eliminated, and the remaining 2 players go on to Round 3

In the third round - the "bid for the grid" round - the two players plays a best-of-3 round of puzzle boards, where for each game - each player must determine how many of the correct answers they can determine from the game board. The highest bidder gets to play, and must provide that many correct answers to win that game. If they come up with an incorrect answer - the opposing player need only find a single correct answer to take the points. The first player to take out 2 games goes on to the final round.

The fourth round is the bonus round - where the player must select a category (from two given) to play. The object is to find the 6 correct answers on the board of 12 within 60 seconds. The player selects the squares on the board and then runs to the buzzer located near the display to check their performance. All six answers - MAJOR PRIZE!

This is, in my opinion, the best kids game show format of recent times here in Oz - great set, great host and decent prizes (and may I say the US grown-up version from yesteryear isn't half bad either!).

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Created by Chris Powney, 2003.