Brenda Slavoff and Horst Lerchbacher

We have been learning and practising Argentine tango since 2002.

We are grateful to the teachers who have led us to our tango experience:

David Backler and Dianne Haywood-Smith Sidewalk Tango, Melbourne
Hector Robles
Christian Drogo and Kristina Diaz
Fabian and Karina Conca, Tango Entre Amigos, Sydney
Peter Waller and Lisa de Lazzari Club de Tango, Sydney
Cecilia Gonzales, Pablo Inza
Lucia Mazer and Ezequiel Farfaro
Mario Consiglieri and Anabella Diaz-Hojman

Sarah Bonnar
Chris Corby

Damian Thompson
Fabio Robles and Ana Andre Robles Dance Academy, Melbourne

Having learned to dance from many different teachers and having our own learning experience fresh in our minds, we have developed our own very effective method for leading beginners to an enjoyable tango experience and giving them the guidance for continuous improvement of their dance skills which in turn leads to greater enjoyment of the tango.




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