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STOP PRESS  This is my old site last updated June 2005.  Enjoy the pics here but it is best to shift direct to the new site. Looks the same but lots more stuff and regularly updated.  The full size pictures  are only available there.

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Tesla stuff


Coil gun


HV stuff





Tesla stuff

Tesla Coil Mailing List Archives  Contains a wealth of information over nearly 10 years.

Gregs Garage Tesla Coil Site:  Nice Tesla site particularly for MOT supplies and angle grinder ASRG is similar to mine.

Richard Hull's Coils big sparks from a magnifier and a conventional coil. A comprehensive site with lots of links.

SPARK LENGTH vs. VOLTAGE For use of an equation to estimate voltage of a spark.

Predicted maximum spark length for Tesla coils by John Freau's formula.

Naphthenic transformer oil

Cornel  Dubilier capacitors for MMC's.

Geek group capacitors.

Tufnol high pressure laminate.

FANTC Tesla coil construction calculator.

Java TC 9.1  Tesla coil construction calculator.

Ballasting: see Ritchie Burnett's site.

Wire ratings  The various wire rating types.

Enameled wire The high temperature wire used in the 18 inch coil.

Coil gun / Rail gun

Powerlabs  Single and multistage coilguns, railgun and more by Sam Barros.

Powerlabs Gaussgun  for the circuit diagram which was the basis for my setup.

Sandia Labs Big time EM propulsion.

Jason Rollette Railgun Blog

Donnie's Another coilgun site.  Powerful single and multiple stage desktop and portable coilguns.  Featuring videos, construction design, circuit schematics, software support, and continuing evolutions of new methods for better results.

HV stuff

Powerlabs  A comprehensive HV experimenters site by Sam Barros. Lots of HV technical info.

10 - 120 MV Lightning voltages.

flash/bang anti terrorist stuff with exploding aluminium powder.

Lifters including a registry of lifters from around the world.


Sam's Laser FAQ A wealth of laser info.

Educational Scitech, a local science discovery centre which includes Tesla and HV demos.

high school Our local high school web site.

Gravity Discovery Center


This page was last updated August 28, 2005