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STOP PRESS  This is my old site last updated June 2005.  Enjoy the pics here but it is best to shift direct to the new site. Looks the same but lots more stuff and regularly updated.  The full size pictures  are only available there.

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My name is Peter and I am a 40-something year old 1st year uni physics dropout. I made my first electronic project, a portable radio, when I was 12 and have carried on from there intermittently and infrequently due to work and family commitments. 

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This was my first electronics kit from the late 60's. Actually mine is long gone but this is the exact same one from eBay and a very sentimental find.  I still remember many of the part numbers.

In  the last couple of years I have had more time to pursue the holy art of electrickery. This has been aided considerably by the internet and sites including those in Links.

High voltage 1972 style with twin ignition coils. (click to enlarge)

I currently live on the outskirts of a small coastal city in Western Australia on a one acre block. It is rural enough to have kangaroos coming up our drive occasionally and more importantly, neighbors are distant enough not to be bothered by noisy Tesla coils. My shed is below. 'A clean shed is a sign of a sick mind', I think someone said. (Actually the quotation was from Einstein "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?".)

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When not working in the shed, I cycle (my best effort 200km in 12 hours in March 2004) or play computer games.  And I have a day job as well which mostly involves collecting pens. 

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This is 336 of my best pens collected over 10 years which I made into a display in August 2004 with a laser pen and LED light pen hardwired in the display. Two pens are the same - on either side of the aeroplane . It makes a bit of a change from watercolours for the office. It made the back cover of an Australian magazine and won me a case of wine.

A few of our visitors (click to enlarge).  In order: Huntsman spider, ?lesser monarch butterfly, cricket, praying mantis, scorpion, stick insect, orb spider, pobblebonk frog, grass frog, moth, dragonfly, hermit crab, earwig, bobtail skink x 2, Port Lincoln parrot, kangaroo (pregnant), possum and kookaburra.

Absent are the obligatory domestic dog, cat, 2 chooks, fish and weiros (small cockatoo).

Saw this Rosenberg's monitor walking along  the road (not actually visiting).   He is about 3 feet long and eats snakes and skinks.  No time to set up the tripod.  Rumour has it that this fellow can mistake you for a tree and climb up you if startled.

Current time and Temp in Perth, Western Australia

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