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Cyberpunk, Fantasy Novels For Sale PLUS Free RPG data
by Philip S Weeks/Stewart Wochen.

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PLEASE NOTE: Philip S Weeks RPG and Novels are available also on floppy disk for:

-networking in colleges or libraries -laptop use while travelling-for the disabled who can't physically hold books -for the visually impaired who use text readers like JAWS to read out loud to them

Most of the Philip S Weeks range of RPG-related novels are also available from the following Tasmanian/Australian bookstore outlets:

-Johnstones Bookstore, Ulverstone (Reiby St.);

-Angus & Robertson's Devonport (43 Stewart St); -Devonport Bookshop in the Mall;

-Launceston: Petrarch's, Brisbane St.; Fuller's Bookshop on St. John Street; Uni Co-op Books, Newnham Campus;

-Hobart: Hobart Bookshop in Salamanca Square; Fullers Bookshop on Collins St;

-Tas Uni Bookstore, Sandy Bay Campus Hobart;

-St. Helens Newsagency, Cecilia Street, St. Helens or wherever good books are sold.

Mainland Australia:

Victoria: -Keswicks (Word) Bookshops, Melbourne; MilSims (Jedko Games), Moorabbin Vic; and other states soon!

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Book 2 of The Scattered Realm Series: Beyond The Southern Border.

Follow Carlton Sparr as he leads his first command into the uncharted Great Southern Desert in search of Sorpans, a hidden passage into the High Kingdom and the secrets of "Newman's Diary". Join him as his quest takes a sudden and dangerous twist, bringing him face to face with his worst nightmare....

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Book 3 of The Scattered Realm Series: Across the Northern Frontier.

Join Carlton Sparr and his companions as they defend the High Kingdom from the Foe's dreaded Great Onslaught....

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Tasmanian Copper & Metal Art Gallery

Our workshop and showroom are situated at Carrick with the product handmade on the premises. Each item is free cut from a variety of metals such as copper, brass, steel and chrome and then hand shaped, beaten and coloured using special based paint which is baked onto the surface. The whole product is then coated with a clear finish for protection, producing a very colourful and decorative wall hanging.

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NOTE: The Protector has nothing to do with the Cyberpunk RPG game; it is only of the same literary genre. No other reference of the same or similar name is to be taken as any kind of challenge to any copyrighted material of the same or similar name, etc etc.

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