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The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant- By Jean De Brunhoff

Price: $9.80

Synopsis: The classic tales of the elephant extraordinaire have thrilled generations of children. This first Babar adventure describes how he lost his mother, lived among men, and was crowned King of Elephants. Full-color illustrations.

Babar the King- By Jean and Laurent De Brunhoff

Price: $9.80

Synopsis:Illus. in full color by the author. Babar establishes Celesteville, the beautiful and happy city over which he and his queen reign.

The Travels of Babar- by Jean De Brunhoff


Synopsis:When their balloon is caught in a violent storm, Babar and Celeste embark on an exciting adventure that takes them to distant lands. They arrive home at last, only to discover that the elephants are at war. This is vintage de Brunhoff--a must for Babar fans and a story sure to charm and engage young readers.

Babar and His Children- by Jean De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Illus. in full color by the author. Babar and his queen have triplets who are as mischievous as they are charming.

Babar Saves the Day (A Random House Pictureback)- by Laurent De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Babar convinces Kawak the parrot not to run away following an argument, but to return to Olala's singing group.

Babar Learns to Cook- by Laurent De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Illus. in full color by the author. When Chef Truffles comes to the palace to give cooking lessons, King Babar's children create some unusual dishes--and havoc in the household.

Meet Babar and His Family- by Laurent De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Illus. in full color. Seasonal activities of King Babar and his elephant family.

Babar and the Ghost (Step into Reading Books)- by Laurent De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Illus. in full color. "Babar's family visit to Black Castle finds the children befriending a ghost who likes them so well that he goes home with them and raises some eyebrows with his antics. Babar's recognition factor is high, and it's likely beginning readers will enjoy practicing their new reading skills in his company."--Booklist.

Babar's Bath Book (Bathtime Books)- by Laurent De Brunhoff


Synopsis:Illustrated in full color. From the fountain to the lake to the royal bath, it's a wet, wonderful world for King Babar and his family. Made of soft, nontoxic vinyl, this floatable book is terrific tub fun.

Music: Story of Babar/Nocturnes/Suite N


Performer(s):F. Poulenc

Audio CD

A customer review from"...Pianist Neil Rutman and actor Tony Randall combine to produce an enthralling interpretation of the music of Francis Poulenc. Rutman brings a senstivity to the nocturnes that is unique and the best version I have heard."

Music: Poulenc: Babar the Elephant, etc / Meryl Streep, et al


Composer:Francis Poulenc, Maurice Ravel

Audio CD

Description:This CD not only contains the Babar The Elephant theme song, but many Mother Goose suites. These include: Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, The Fairy Garden and more. It is especially suitable for a young child and fans of classical music and children's compositions.

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