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Rabbit Information Service was established over 13 years ago and has been providing rabbit information and links to those people looking for rabbit information on the internet. We also provide a wide variety of information on a variety of issues including environmental information, health information, animal related issues and literature and poetry information and links. In an ever changing world we hope to update these pages to provide more information applicable to living an informed and ethical lifestyle on our planet.

We should all be following a lifestyle that accepts recycling, best choice in cars (low emissions), and designing our homes to be environmentally and ecologically friendly. Ethical investments can direct your investment to areas of finance, mortgages, share acquisitions, banking, loans and trading in forex and futures markets. Even your choice of coffee beans or buying organic food can mean less pollution and less suffering in the world. Children should be educated to respect each other and our planet and to follow conscious positive decisions about everything from self respect, respect for others and respect for our world. As adults we should all be setting good examples for children to follow in every way.
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