King Babar

Babar is kind, intelligent, a rational thinker, honest and trustworthy, sensible, gentle but firm with his children and is always there to help the children resolve any problems they encounter. He fondly watches over them and gives them advice when they need it. As King of Celesteville he is always very busy attending to various duties such as town planning, organising local events and also maintaining peace with the neighbouring RhinoLand, where the obnoxious King Rataxes lives.

Queen Celeste

Celeste is charming, intelligent, warm and gentle and is very fond of her children - Flora, Alexander, Pom and Isabelle. She not only looks after the children, but helps Babar make important decisions about Celesteville, such as town planning and local events. She is a wonderful elephant and also talented at drama- as can be seen in one episode where she applies to act in a play called "The Faerie Queen".

Flora, Pom, Alexander and Isabelle
(above: Pictured are Pom and Alexander. Flora is pictured in the previous graphic with Celeste. I'm currently searching for a picture of Isabelle).

Flora, Pom, Alexander and Isabelle can be very naughty and silly at times , but they are really very clever and inquisitive little children. Alexander and Pom are the boys and Flora and Isabelle are the girls. Isabelle is the youngest of them all and still a baby. Alexander and Pom often get up to mischief and do things that cause much worry to Babar and the adults. However in the end they always learn from their mistakes and are often given a firm scolding by Babar. Flora is a very outspoken and smart young elephant who often criticises Alexander and Pom's bad behaviour. However, she too has got up to some mischief, such as the time when her penfriend came to visit and she lied about who she was, claiming she was the Queen of Celesteville.

Cornelius and Pompadour
(Above: Cornelius and Pompadour. Many thanks to J. Delahanty, who drew and sent me the picture of Pompadour)

Pompadour and Cornelius are wise, diplomatic, rational, serious fellows who advise Babar on certain matters that pertain to the maintenance and well-being of Celesteville. Cornelius is often more stable than Pompadour, is older and wears glasses. He has been in the family for a longer period of time. Pompadour, on the other hand, appears to be a middle aged elephant, is intelligent but always seems to make wide sweeping statements and jumps to conclusions whenever a problem arises. He often shouts "Sire! Sire!" in a dramatic voice and acts as if the world is about to fall on his head. Cornelius' favourite saying when alarmed or shocked is "My tusks!". They are both really very funny and charming characters who add a blend of humour and intrigue to the story line. Nelvana (company that produced the t.v series based on the books) have really portrayed them well.

Old lady
(Above:The old lady is pictured to the right of Arthur)

The old lady was the one who taught Babar about the ways of humans, including their technology and beliefs. As previously mentioned, when Babar was little his mother was killed by a hunter. Babar ran away before the hunter could catch him and after a few days came across a town. In this town he encountered a rich and kind old lady, who lovingly adopted and raised him. After a few years, he returned to the jungle, where he married his childhood friend Celeste and became King of the elephants. In the earlier episodes the old lady often comforts Babar and gives him advice if he encounters any difficult problems. Everyone calls the old lady "Madam" but her real name isn't mentioned in the t.v series or books by Jean and Laurent De Brunhoff.

(as pictured in the previous graphic with the old lady)

Arthur is Babar's highly imaginative cousin. He considers himself an adventurer and has sailed the seven seas and brought back many things. However, he greatly exaggerates his journeys and loves to tell the children fictional stories of fantasy. He tells them how he has battled pirates, found ancient and priceless treasures and sailed to unknown and distant lands. Babar's children are often captivated and delighted by his tales and whenever he visits, constantly urge him to tell them about his latest adventure. Some of his tales have got them into dangerous situations, such as the time when he was telling them about how he narrowly escaped the wrath of some pirates. The children thought this was real and when Arthur disappeared for a while, automatically assumed the pirates had kidnapped him! This caused great unrest in the kingdom and when Babar eventually found Arthur, he was actually having a friendly conversation with the pirates and it turned out that they hadn't kidnapped him at all. Babar was relieved although very annoyed and afterwards told Arthur to stop telling the children such dramatic tales. However, he couldn't help but admire his brother's great story-telling ability and later gave in.


My favourite character! Zephir is a monkey and best friend of Babar. They've been friends since they were children. Zephir is zany, unpredictable, a little scatter brained, but very funny character who has a knack with words and loves to make up funny riddles and limericks in order to amuse people. He is constantly telling jokes and has a very mischievous nature. The children adore his frivolous behaviour and love to visit him at the ice-cream store where he works. He is owner of the store, which is a large building with Zephir's picture placed on the top. I think it may be called "Zephir's" but I can't remember. He wears a little red cap on his head and is very cute.

Rataxes, Basil and Lady Rataxes
(Above: Lord and Lady Rataxes. Thanks again to J. Delahanty, who drew both of these pictures!)

Rataxes, Basil and Lady Rataxes are the very funny inhabitants of the Rhino Kingdom. Rataxes is king and Basil is his loyal advisor. Rataxes is the type of rhino who jumps to conclusions and subsequently finds himself in awkward situations. He orders Basil to attend to his duties. Basil is a little fellow and reluctantly obliges. If he does something wrong, Rataxes gets into a terrible temper and often looks like he is about to throttle Basil, which is very funny to watch. Rataxes is very egotistical and thinks he should rule all of the animal world. Lady Rataxes is Rataxes' wife and is a very emotional, spoilt and demanding character. She often places unrealistic demands on Rataxes and throws a tantrum if her wants aren't fulfilled. For example, once it was her birthday and Rataxes hadn't bought her anything. So he quickly, without thinking, said he'd fetch the moon for her. This was a VERY stupid thing to do, as Lady Rataxes wouldn't stop whining and questioning Rataxes about when he was going to give her the moon!! It was hilarious. Rataxes will do anything in order to keep Lady Rataxes happy so she won't throw her melodramatic tantrums.