Coalition against Myxomatosis and other rabbit diseases.

Stop rabbits suffering and dying from diseases preventable by vaccination

Would you like to help rabbits around the world? Disease knows no country borders. Actions taken in spreading disease in one country may lead to outbreaks of disease elsewhere. For instance, the RHD/RCD virus spread in Australia can survive on clothing for many weeks making the virus easy to spread between countries by overseas visitors.

Current vaccine status of different countries

Australia - RCD/RHD vaccine is legalised - No Myxomatosis vaccine allowed
USA -No RCD/RHD vaccine legalised -No Myxomatosis vaccine available
England -Yes RCD/RHD/VHD vaccine is available & legal - Yes Myxomatosis vaccine is available & legal
New Zealand - Yes RCD/RHD vaccine is available -No Myxomatosis vaccine is available

You can help rabbits in your country by taking some of the following actions:

Put up a web page to show your opposition to the deliberate spread of Myxomatosis and RCD/VHD in Australia and the deliberate spread of RCD/VHD in New Zealand.

Demand the immediate availability of vaccines for Myxomatosis, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease and other rabbit diseases in all countries of the world.

Demand authorities stop spreading diseases that kill rabbits in Australia, New Zealand and any other countries inhabited by rabbits.

Support people trying to obtain legalisation of vaccines in countries where no Myxomatosis or RHD vaccines are allowed.

Lobby politicians to support demands to allow the immediate availability of vaccines for rabbits in all countries which do not yet allow them.

Support the production of humanely manufactured vaccines (Apparently the RCD/RHD vaccine is based on a culture grown in live rabbits because the virus cannot be grown in a laboratory - rabbits are deliberately infected and killed to make the vaccine).

Educate people to protect their rabbits against infection by diseases of rabbits such as Myxomatosis and RHD.

Stop the slaughter now!

Websites around the world about Myxomatosis and RHD
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USA website -The Laboratory of Calicivirus Studies
Australian website about RCD/RHD
New Zealand website about RHD/RCD
USA VHD Coalition website
UK House rabbit Myxomatosis page

Disease websites
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