Fish feel pain....DON'T FISH!

I read these interesting facts in an article about how fish *do* feel pain, and so it's just as cruel to kill fish as it is to kill any other living creature.

The following information was extracted from an article titled "Fish Feel Pain" from the November to January issue of "Animals Today" magazine (Australia) :

If fish can't show their pain, how can we know whether they feel pain at all? There is very strong scientific evidence to show that they do.

With the acknowledgement of this information, it is therefore concluded that fishing must cause horrible pain to all fish caught, and must truly be a horrible death.Fish not only have to bear the agonising pain of a hook tearing through their flesh, but then have a miserable death by suffocation.

In an article in a South Australian paper, The Advertiser, Professor Bill Runciman, professor of anaesthesia and intensive care at Adelaide University, was quoted as saying:

"Fish constitute the greatest source of confused thinking and inconsistency on earth at the moment with respect to pain. You will get people very excited about dolphins because they are mammals, and about horses and dogs, if they are not treated properly. At the same time you will have fishing competitions on the River Murray at which thousands of people snare fish with hooks and allow them to asphyxiate on the banks, which is a fairly uncomfortable and miserable death".

Here is another good quote, quoted by Richard Jones, Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council (State Government Parliamentarian - NSW being a state of Australia):

"I undertook a ... search on pain felt by fish. I discovered that not only do fish feel the same pain as cats and dogs and humans but they are also highly intelligent. On the beach the other day I saw several fishermen with their dogs. I wanted to explain to them that the fish they were hooking felt the same anguish as would their dogs caught in the same way. Likewise when I went to New Foundland to talk to the fishermen who clubbed the baby Harp seals to death, I noticed that they too had companion dogs and cats and canaries. The most common form of cruelty in the world is fishing and why? Because most people have no idea how sensitive and intelligent fish are".

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