See the Game Bill 2001 and send a letter opposing the Bill and blood sports

(28th December 2002)Professor Andrew Linzey, who describes himself as an animal theologian at Oxford University, said: "You can no more license hunting with dogs than you can rape or child abuse or torture."

"Licensing is not just a fudge, it's worse than that."

The NSW Government has introduced a Bill to allow the use of any firearm, bow, animal or other hunting device to capture, kill or harm animals designated as 'game' or 'pest' animals. Furthermore, the Game Council will be managed by a majority of hunters.

Please write to the Premier of NSW and the Agriculture Minister to oppose the introduction of this unethical and biased Bill. Further details can be found within the copy of our sample letter below.

Letter opposing Game Bill 2001 on this page is from an email to subscribers of the Animal Liberation NSW mailing list.

(1) Hunt dogs tearing live fox apart ______ (2)Live cat caught in trap
These pictures are provided courtesy of Animals Voice

To see the new Game Bill on the NSW Government site (Australia)
To see the Game Bill 2001, try the address NSW Parliament website On the left you will see a list including "Bills" Click on "Bills" and then another list appears including Bills in the Current Session Click on Bills in the Current Session and it gives you an Alphabetical choice - pick "G" for Game Bill and then you can click on that Bill and then print a copy. The same initial site NSW Parliament website also lets you pick members of parliament on the left of the screen.

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Send a letter to the NSW Government opposing the Game Bill 2001

The Hon. Richard Amery
Minister for Agriculture NSW

The Hon. Robert Carr
Premier of NSW


Please use this letter as a sample. Use details to create your own letter.

Dear Minister/Premier Carr,

I am very disappointed that you have introduced a Bill (Game Bill 2001) that will not only allow the infliction of suffering on wild-living animals (classified as game, animals or pest animals), but which is likely to increase the number of animals subjected to suffering at the hands of both recreational hunters and misguided farmers. I urge you to withdraw the Bill immediately.

This Bill is unethical and biased in its nature in a number of ways:

1) Hunt is defined as to use any firearm, bow, animal or other hunting device to capture kill or harm the animals, but does not include laying or using poison for that purpose (page 2).

This is just totally unacceptable. Licensed hunters under the Bill will be able to inflict terrible suffering. An animal struck by an arrow, is likely to suffer great injury, but may run for miles and take days to die of those injuries. And yet again we have the terrible reality of legally permitting dogs to be used against other animals. While the dogs may themselves be injured (e.g. as is almost inevitable in a fight with a wild pig), any of the animals pursued by dogs will be mauled before a hunter could catch up and perhaps then kill the animal. Stray pursuit dogs that are not retrieved will also add to the wild dog population.

2) Game Council membership (page 6): the Bill dictates that 7 of the 14 members of the Game Council must be nominees of hunting organisations; that the Chairperson must be one of those nominees; that the Chairperson has both a deliberative vote if an equity of votes and then a second or casting vote on the Council; and that a quorum is just 8 members present (pgs 35 & 36 & 40).

The proposed membership and operating procedures of the Game Council ensures that the hunting organisations are in total charge of the Council. Their interests in a virtual open season on game and designated pest animals will take precedence over both the suffering of sentient target animals and over even any possible long-term reduction in damage to the environment or agricultural interests.

It is interesting that those who drafted the Bill found it necessary to also specifically exempt this clear bias under the Disclosure of pecuniary interests (page 39) where being a member of a hunting club or organisation is stated as not qualifying as a pecuniary interest of Game Council members for the purposes of the Bill.

It is unethical and totally unacceptable to allow the hunting organisations to manage a process which will cause great suffering to an even larger num ber of animals, and it will be purely for their own amusement and recreation.

3) The Bill indicates that the Game Council is to issue a Code of Practice (page 19) and may make it a condition of license.

Again, notwithstanding my total opposition to the Game Bill, it seems amazing that the Game Council, with no animal welfare representation and total domination by the hunting organisations, is to be the arbiter of a code of practice for the hunters own behaviour towards the game and pest animals.

There are currently two reviews taking place in NSW - the Inquiry into Feral Animals by the Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No.5; and the Inquiry into Vertebrate Pest Management in National Parks in NSW being conducted by Assoc. Prof. Tony English at the request of your colleague Bob Debus. Both reviews were seen as necessary after the brutal killing of goats on Lord Howe Island and wild horses in the Guy Fawkes National Park, the later of which is still the subject of cruelty charges brought by the RSPCA. Neither review has been completed, and it seems premature to propose the Game Bill at this time.

This Game Bill makes a mockery of the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and to the established principles of humane and effective management of mislocated and unwanted introduced animals. The hunting organisations seem to be trying desperately to hang on to practices that are outdated and unacceptable to a caring and humane society. It is regrettable that such a Bill could even be drafted, but I urge you to now simply withdraw it before the NSW Parliament moves to debate the issue . The Game Bill is based on flawed and outdated principles and would cause the unnecessary and brutal suffering of many millions of hapless animals in your State.

Yours sincerely,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Picture of fox killed in trap (a long agonising death) courtesy of Animals Voice

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