The House Rabbit Society of Australia Inc

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The Sanctuary
The House Rabbit Society (USA)
British House rabbit Association
The Rabbit Charity web site (UK)
Rabbits and Hares of the world
Rabbit Rescue Site-very good articles and info on house bunnies
RHD/VHD questions and answers by Lynda Dykes (UK)
Confessions of a Barry Kent MacKay
The Rabbit (British Mammal Society factsheet)
Myxomatosis Information
Rabbit Information Service - cruelty free cosmetics/environment
Poem - Dancing Rabbits
Bunny buddies house rabbit website
Pighoppers, a refuge for pigs and bunnies
A homepage for the herbivores-good information and pictures
Pet bunnies are being brought in from the cold (12th April 1998)

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