Medical resources for human health and alternative health

Keeping healthy the natural way including drinking enough water
Questions and Answers About Using Magnets To Treat Pain
Health and Medicine Website Directory
Article about preventing falls in older people
Information about herbs
Weight lifting and exercise information
Dr Rath Foundation
Integrated healing (East and West)
Medical Point Australia on line
United States National Library of Medicine
The doctor within (how to live healthily)
Natural Health DOC
Med Explorer (Good general resource)
Medscape (General health information)
EMedicine com (Good General health information)
Health Finder (General Health information)
Center for Disease COntrol (USA)
Intelihealth-Harvard Medical School
Family DOctor Org
Cancer Patients Aid Association (India)
The Mayo Clinic
American Academy of Family Physicians
Medline Plus Health information (Includes Medical Dictionary etc)
Infodiagnosis web site
The Merck Manual Home edition (complete source of medical information)
THe Body dot com (re Aids information)
Toxoplasmosis site
Women's Health UK
dotpharmacy uk (contains good health information)
Toxoplasmosis site
Medical College of Wisconsin (Good Health information)
dmoz health directory (Many categories of health information)
Monoclonnal gamopathy article
Water Distillers Australia (the importance of drinking clean water)
Another monoclonnal article
The Body Shop (Australia)

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