The purpose of this page is to protest the cruelty to animals, killing of animals, exploitation of animals and promotion of eating dead animals that is promoted by the PUBLICLY FUNDED ABC TV in Australia.

"Consuming Passions" starring Ian Parmenter- should be re-titled as

"Consuming Dead Animals"

For examples of the gross cruelty to animals promoted by ABC programs try watching Landline where the farming of poor sheep and cattle and any other happless creature is reverently applauded - grow innocent animals and send them off to slaughter to make a fast buck. (Don't film the bulging eyes and screams of fear as these animals are dragged into the slaughter house - some of them even processed while still alive).

Who else is offended by "Consuming Passions" cooking series screened on the ABC TV Australia? The current presenter is now involved in a new program on ABC TV titled "Tasting Australia" which should be re-titled as "Tasting Dead Animals".

Every time I have ever switched on to "Consuming Passions" there is always a dead animal looking back at me - whether it is a large dead fish, dead lobster or piece of dead animal.

Ian Parmenter (ABC Consuming Passions) and Geoff Jansz ("Whats Cooking" TV Channel 9)
promote recipes that are often based on dead animals (meat, chickens, fish and lobsters).

Consuming Dead Animals?

Who killed your dead animals today?

Poem - New Age Abattoir by Coral Hull

There are also ABC programs that promote fishing - of course they neglect to speak of the fact that fish have a central nervous system and can feel pain like we do. Does anyone speak of the extreme cruelty of live baiting?

For a nasty little recipe from Consuming Passions(a.k.a Consuming Dead Animals) visit -
Tasmanian rabbit
to read about cooking Tasmanian rabbits using duck fat!!!
Excerpt from this recipe - "To Confit The Rabbit."

Place the rabbit legs together with the sliced garlic and rock salt in a bowl overnight. The next day, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a clean tea towel. Heat the duck fat/lard in a deep oven proof dish and add the rabbit legs. Bring to a simmer and place in the oven. Cook for 90 minutes, until soft at 180 degrees celsius. Drain off fat and reserve. Remove the flesh from the cooled bones and mix with the sauteed leek, bacon and spices."

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