Rabbit owners/breeders of New Zealand - Emergency RHD information

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RCD vaccination and preventitive measures from NZ MAF

NZ MAF Press Release re Vaccinate your rabbits now

**NEW**(4/10/97) Insects roles (flies, mosquitoes and fleas) in carrying RHD-important-flywire hutches/rabbitries and remember that the flies can defacate and leave virus particles on rabbit food as well as biting rabbits!

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RCD Vaccination Hints and Tips

Possible link between deformed rabbit ears and virus (30/1/98)

New Zealand rabbit owners, quarantine your rabbits now. The RCD/RHD virus can travel on food. Some Australian rabbit breeders have stopped using hay and switched to shredded paper or untreated pine shavings. RCD/RHD can travel on your clothes. Stop socialising with other breeders whilst the outbreak is on and flywire all hutches/rabbitries. Ask what areas the rabbit food and hay is coming from. If it comes from South Island, try not to use it. Don't risk infection from hay and food harvested from RCD areas.


What happened to all the money given to New Zealand farmers by their authorities in The New Zealand Rabbit and Land Management Program?

The New Zealand Rabbit and Land Management Program (1991-1995)

New Zealand Farmers contravened their own recomendations as written in the NZ Farmers Federation handbook

Quote from the New Zealand Farmers Federation Handbook

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