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Australian scientists find new strains of Myxomatosis

which they release into the Australian rabbit population

Mosquitoes, fleas and direct contact transfers Myxomatosis between rabbits.

This cruel, painful and deadly disease affects bunnies like this...

Click here to see a rabbit in the early stages of Myxomatosis
Rabbit in final stages of Myxomatosis (blind and lungs full of fluid)

Clinical signs: Symptoms start to appear between one and three weeks following the virus being introduced into the rabbits body via an insect bite. The first sign seen is that the eyelids start to swell, eventually closing over the eye. Swelling may occur in other parts of the body particularly the base of the ears and the genitalia. There is often an eye discharge and there may be a nasal discharge. Affected rabbits often develop fast and laboured breathing as the disease develops, death usually occurs in almost all cases within about two weeks.

Discussion: To introduce a disease like this on purpose is clearly morally wrong. If an animal population has to controlled it should be done humanely and quickly. In the wild these animals suffer a long lingering death.
Many pet rabbits also suffer and die from this disease which is deliberately spread by Australian authorities.


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For information on obtaining petitions and who to write to to ask for a Myxomatosis vaccine to be allowed into Australia contact the House Rabbit Society of Australia Inc.

To demand that the Australian Government allow a vaccine to protect your pet rabbit from Myxomatosis NOW

Why have Australian scientists opposed allowing pet rabbit owners access to the Myomatosis vaccine?

The Myxomatosis Vaccine could protect many Australian pet rabbits from death by Myxomatosis (There is no cure for Myxomatosis - once infected, your pet rabbit will die).

The Australian authorities have not allowed the Myxomatosis Vaccine to be made available to Australian pet owners because they fear that immunity from the live Myxoma vaccine (made from Shopes Fibroma Virus which cross protects against Myxomatosis) could somehow transfer from pet rabbits to the wild rabbits (which the authorities want to kill). Apparently the Australian authorities often release new Myxomatosis strains into the wild. Mosquitoes and rabbit fleas then carry the deadly Myxomatosis from wild rabbits to other wild rabbits as well as pet rabbits and other animals.

The truth of the matter is that apparently these Australian scientists are said to have a budget of $200 million and they use some of this money to spread diseases such as Myxomatosis and RCD (viral hemorrhagic disease of rabbits)that may kill your pet rabbit if he/she is bitten by a mosquitoes, rabbit fleas or biting flies (RCD).

Quote from a New South Wales resident "Now, we have Pindone signs dotting the landscape and myxoma virus being sprayed around like air freshener."

The truth about the Myxomatosis Vaccine.

Australian Scientists are not telling the whole truth about the live Shopes Fibroma Virus which is used extensively as a vaccine in Europe and the UK to protect pet rabbits from Myxomatosis.

It is extremely unlikely that vaccinating Australian PET rabbits against Myxomatosis will enable Shopes Fibroma Virus to transmit from pet rabbits TO wild rabbits to enable them protection against the many Myxomatosis strains that circulate in the wild.

If the Shope's Fibroma Virus were truly to transfer immunity to wild rabbits, then people in the UK and Europe would have observed a decline in the presence of Myomatosis in wild rabbits and a decline in the need to vaccinate their pet rabbits. In the UK there is still a great need to vaccinate rabbits against Myxomatosis and the same has been observed in the Netherlands and Europe. Myxomatosis, along with many other viruses evolves into different strains and thus a vaccination received one year may not protect your pet rabbit the following year. The same evolution of viruses is seen in deadly flu strains that affect people so that flu vaccinations are recommended on an annual basis to protect people from flu.

It has been noted by scientists that...

From "They all ran wild" by Eric C. Rolls

"Shope's report was not generally popular. The advice he gave ran counter to that of Francis Ratcliffe and Professor Fenner who thought that there was little risk in the use of Shope fibroma virus by domestic rabbit farmers". (pge 243)

Professor Frank Fenner was from the Australian National University and had connections with CSIRO

Ratcliff was an English biologist who came to Australia in 1929 to work for CSIR (Later CSIRO)

Also the British vaccine distributers (Intervet) do not agree that the Shope fibroma virus will spread from rabbit to rabbit easily, they write......"However, the virus [Shope fibroma virus] does not readily spread from one animal to another and all rabbits in a group should be individually vaccinated."

Petition to the Australian Government
demanding that the vaccine to protect rabbits from myxomatosis
be legalised and made available in Australia now

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