Phillip Adams shoots cats

Phillip Adams, ABC radio commentator and writer for the Australian, shoots cats.

On the 23rd of February 2000, Phillip Adams interviewed Donald W. Engels (an American author who wrote Classical Cats: The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat ) on Late Night Live. Adams stated in this interview that when he sees a cat on his property he gets out his gun and shoots it. So, not only does Adams raise helpless animals (cattle) that he later betrays by sending to slaughter, but he also shoots any cats that he sees on his property.

Here is a picture of an Australian bush cat (wild introduced cat in Australia)

from the Animal Liberation NSW website.
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From the ABC Radio National website

"Phillip lives on a cattle property specialising in the production of chemical-free beef. His homestead houses one of Australia's largest private collection of antiquities, including Egyptian, Roman and Greek sculptures and artefacts."

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