Perth Animal Welfare Society Inc

Our main aim is the Prevention of Cruelty to animals

Would you like to help sponsor a calf rescued from the saleyards?

Donations towards helping "Daisy" (a.k.a Little Frankie) are gratefully acknowledged.

Click below to see photos of Daisy.

Click here to see photos of Daisy (a.k.a "Little Frankie")

Daisy will never be eaten by humans.

She will live out her life in the care of a compassionate Vegetarian on a privately owned farm.

Regular updates on Daisy will be posted to "Daisy's page" on this web site.

Daisy has required special medicine for dehydration and antibiotics.

Her mother was probably sent to slaughter even though she had given birth to Daisy on the way to the sale yards or at the sale yards.

Daisy is only one little calf we managed to save from slaughter.

She was left curled up and shivering on the concrete floor at the saleyards - her mother was either dead or more likely in another pen with the big cows destined for slaughter.

We wish we could save them all. With your sponsorship, more like Daisy can be rescued and sponsored for the term of their natural lives.


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