Quick Fact Sheets on Rabbit Issues

  • Pet rabbit message board
  • Keeping rabbits in Australia - state regulations
  • Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease - RHDV/(RCD in Australia)
  • Join the Australian Pet Rabbits mailing list
  • Code of Practice for keeping rabbits in Western Australia (PDF)
  • Educate yourself about how Australian authorities spread diseases of rabbits and more
  • RSPCANZ Rabbit Fact Sheet
  • Rabbit references-health and medicine
  • Rabbit information and Australian contacts
  • RHD/VHD questions and answers by Lynda Dykes (UK)
  • Myxomatosis Information
  • Vet hospital fact sheet
  • Fact Sheet on basic rabbit care - Australia
  • Telling the sex of your rabbit (pictures)
  • How to tell the sex of a rabbit (text only)
  • Hopper home (lots of rabbit information)
  • Facts about rabbits
  • Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (also known as RCD, Rabbit Calicivirus,VHD,RHDV)
  • Acute gastrointestinal disturbances in rabbits
  • Keeping rabbits, information supplied by the Victorian Rabbit Association Inc
  • Companion rabbits - FAQ's spay/neuter, behaviour, litter training
  • What to feed your rabbit
  • Anti-virus wash product that may help prevent spread between pet rabbits
  • New Zealand - Emergency RCD Help Information

    Other Health and Rabbit Links
  • Ullavet Rabbit Information Page
  • Netvet rabbits page
  • Rabbit facts written by vets- inc. holding rabbits, neutering,litter training etc.
  • Another rabbit fact sheet - Asprin for rabbits
  • The Sanctuary
  • The House Rabbit Society (USA)
  • The Rabbit Welfare Association (UK)
  • The Rabbit Welfare Fund (UK)
  • Sparkling Hearts Rabbit Rescue (USA) includes lots of info on the care of rabbits
  • Rabbits and Hares of the world
  • Rabbit Rescue Site-very good articles and info on house bunnies
  • Message Board UK Pet Rabbit Board and archives
  • Message board and archives for UK rabbit breeders
  • Rabbits,Rabbits,Rabbits (excellent site with lots of info and links)
  • Fur and Feather Magazine
  • Rabbits Only Magazine USA
  • The Bunny Thymes - newsletter and information
  • Article about bunnies and author of the Bunny Thymes
  • Confessions of a bunnyhugger...by Barry Kent MacKay (API Wesite)
  • Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter
  • Julies Rabbit Page
  • The Rabbit (British Mammal Society factsheet)
  • The Rabbit Web On-line Magazine
  • The Rabbit Web
  • The UK WWW Rabbit Page
  • Rabbit Information Service - cruelty free cosmetics/environmental awareness/Asian-Pacific links
  • For information on rabbit health - Contact the House Rabbit Society
  • Poem - Dancing Rabbits
  • Bunnies in the news
  • Bunny buddies house rabbit website
  • Pighoppers, a refuge for pigs and bunnies
  • A homepage for the herbivores-good information and pictures
  • Pet bunnies are being brought in from the cold (12th April 1998)
  • Rhonda's rabbit page
  • Oxbow Hay Company (USA)
  • Rabbit links page

    More Rabbit Information

  • Easter, Myxomatosis and fleas
  • Join People Against Myxomatosis (Australia)
  • International Rabbits Day (25/9/99)
  • Response to Dr Judy Carman's comments
  • RHDV infects hares and other animals
  • RCD baits already illegally used in NSW
  • (Release date 2002?)A new virus to KILL or CONTRACEPT rabbits
  • Immunocontraceptive virus research a danger - scientist (14/8/99)
  • "ear-rot" in rabbits-caused by RCD/RHD baits?(NZ pictures)
  • High levels of RCD antibody in cats and other species (NZ)
  • Research shows RCD baits may immunise rabbits
  • Contact details for Australian rabbit clubs
  • RCD baits immunising rabbits(NZ)
  • Review of an Australian book vilifying rabbits
  • How rabbits are killed in Australia
  • Research shows RCD baits may immunise rabbits
  • USDA position on RHD and pet rabbits
  • Visit other sites for more medical/health info - HRS,BHRA and more(Old list)

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