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Interested in rodent welfare? We recommend...
The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service

The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service is an organisation devoted to promoting the intelligence, equality, the responsible care and keeping and the protection of domestic rodents.

Founded in August 1997 by Rebekah Blackwolf, it was formally known as Rodent Welfare and Information Victoria. The aim of the club is to give often scorned and missunderstood rodents a "New Image". In doing this we offer advice on feeding, health and general keeping of domestic mice and rats as well as information on responsible breeding and re-housing of unwanted rats and mice.

We have a non-kill shelter and are willing to take-in any unwanted domestic rats and mice. We are not rat or mouse breeders and no rodent taken into our care will be sold as snake feed, or to experimentation of any kind. Another aim of the club is to educate memebers about native rats and mice from all over the world and about the preservation of each species and the conservation of their habitats. We also aim to educate schools and the general public about the alternatives to using rodents, or any animal, in class room experiments.We also offer advice for concerned animal lovers on cruelty-free control methods for "pest" rodents and about where to purchase cruelty-free products and cosmetics.

We offer a bi-monthly newsletter, $15 yearly subscription fee, which coffers many rodent issues, is full of information and contacts and is a must for anyone who keeps rats and mice. We also offer a free email information service to answer questions and to link people with world-wide contacts. At the momment we are seeking assistance with : Information on other animal welfare groups to promote in our newsletters, Contact details of veterinarians who are experienced with rats and mice, links from websites to our website (when the new one is open), and exchanged advertisements where promtion is exchanged in newsletters.

What our newsletter offers for you and your pet!

Our newsletters are printed every second month, and are posted by 'traditional' mail to your letterbox.
The aims of The Rodent Report are:

1) Show people, young and old, just how enjoyable these smaller companion a nimals are.
2) Provide up-to-date information and reliable contacts for owners of rabbi ts, rats, mice and guinea pigs.
3)Assist members in finding cruelty-free alternatives to trapping, poisonin g and classroom experimentation.
4) Help consumers get in contact with cruelty-free campaign groups, who wil l provide them with cruelty-free shopping lists.
5) Provide owners and owners-to-be with information about the health, dieta ry and housing needs of their chosen pet.
6) Offer facinating information about native rodent and rabbit species from around the world.
7) Help educate members on conservation needs of rodent and rabbit species around the world.

Also included in our newsletters are:

* Announcements from fellow rodent and rabbit clubs about shows and their s pecial events.
* Council regulations and laws (worldwide) reguarding the keeping of rabbit s, rats, mice and guinea pigs.
* Fascinating facts about rabbit and rodent species of the wild.
* Reader poams, stories, articles and views.
* Where to find rodent and rabbit rescue shelters.
* A list of recommended rodent and rabbit veterinarians.
* Excellent websites to visit.

Plus many more fun articles like the history of rabbits and rodents in h uman society. The role of these animals in the many mytholigies and religio ns of the world. A rabbit and rodent dictionary, for all those fuzzy ratty words you never knew. Articles concerning vivisection, product testing, vic torious laboratory rescues and how you can help free these animals from the pain of experimentation.

For a free information pack and membership details please send a business size Self Addressed Envelope to

The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service,
PO BOX 4248,
Australia 3134.

The Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service

All other enquiries, please email Rebekah Blackwolf at: amris_rodents@hotmail.com

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