Australian authorities deliberately spread Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, Myxomatosis and several species of flea across Australia. Current research into viral vectored immunocontraception, which may eventually escape onto the Australian continent, gives great cause for concern. Many viruses are capable of crossing species lines as well as mutation and recombination.

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    Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) or as it is commonly known in Australia and New Zealand Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD)

    Papers you can purchase

  • How to purchase the NZ RCD Conference details (Available 5th March 1999)
  • Purchase the Feb. 1999 NZ Vet Journal (re RHDV "ear-rot" rabbits paper)
  • Click here for details of how to order final RCD Program reports (23/8/1999)

    In 1995 New Zealand and Australia began a jointly funded research program, into the feasibility of using a strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHD) from the Czech Republic, as a biological control agent for the use, against feral rabbits. The Australian authorities had been considering the possibilities of RHD/RCD as a biological control agent of the wild rabbit since 1989. In October 1995, RHD escaped from field trials on Wardang Island, five kilometres off the South Australian coast. In 1996 RHD/RCD was declared a biological control agent of rabbits in Australia. In August 1997 Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease was illegally introduced into New Zealand by a group of South Island Farmers. This release took place after the Ministry of Agriculture declined the import application of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, as a biological control for feral rabbits.

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    When did RHD first emerge as a deadly killer disease of rabbits?
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    The New Zealand Story
    (New Zealand authorities decided that it was too dangerous to legalise RCD as a biocontrol of wild rabbits in New Zealand yet farmers illegally imported and spread the disease. What legal ramifications does this have for New Zealand and why have rabbits been found in New Zealand with their ears rotting away whilst suffering from RCD over weeks when RCD was said to kill a rabbit in 3 days or less?)
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    RCD NZ CONFERENCE 30/3/1998
    Details of the RCD conference sponsored by the New Zealand Association of Scientists
  • Conference details - Rabbit control, RCD: dilemmas and implications (30/3/98)
  • Click here to read some abstracts from the NZ RCD Conference
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  • Purchase the NZ RCD conference papers (Posted 5th March 1999)

    The effects of RHD/RCD on human health in Australia
    Read this 1998 new paper on Emerging Infectious Diseases that indicates RCD/RHD may have caused illness in Australians.

  • CDC USA Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol 4 No 1 January - March 1998 :Calicivirus Emergence from Ocean Reservoirs: Zoonotic and Interspecies Movements
  • Click here to read EID Journal VOl 4 No 2 April - June 1998 - Letters
  • News report - New CDC report indicates that RHD/RCD may infect human health.
  • The Precautionary Principle - proceedings from a meeting on environmental health and safety-January 1998
  • The family Caliciviridae
  • Click here to read the opinions of many Scientists opposing the deliberate spread of RHD/RCD (including doctors)

    The August 1996 BRS Report on RCD quoted the Chief Medical Officer, Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services as stating:

    "(1)While at this stage
    (2)there is no guarantee of human safety with respect to exposure to rabbit calicivirus
    (3)I am satisfied that the above findings do not provide evidence that rabbit calicivirus is associated with infection or disease in humans.
    (4)On this basis and
    (5)with the limitations of the study in mind, I have no objection to the controlled release of rabbit calicivirus as a means of rabbit control".

    Full text of letter from the Chief Medical Adviser,Dr A.I.Adams.

    "So we have gone from hysteria, in which the release of this virus [RCD - See 1] was about to let loose untold horrors on the vertebrate populations of Australia, to a scenario in which the virus is not killing rabbits at a rate sufficient to suit everyone. Sounds like what might have been expected. Next we will hear of virus-resistance building in the Australian and New Zealand rabbit populations and then we will hear nothing while careers are built on studies of the development of this resistance. As Yogi Berra said, "It's deja vu all over again." (i.e., myxomatosis). -- Mod CHC" [Quote from Promed Moderator Charles H. Calisher, Ph.D. Moderator, ProMED-mail, Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523]
    [1] (RCD/Rabbit Heamorrhagic Disease escaped from Wardang Island off the coast of South Australia in 1995 to become a new and deadly killer of pet and wild rabbits in Australia)

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