Rabbit haemorrhagic disease RVHD/RCD (page 2/3)

News and Opinions

  • Australian authority implies that genetic resistance of rabbits to RCD may be a possibility
  • Australian scientist awarded $10,000 prize for research into killing rabbits & promoting horrific rabbit disease
  • Threatening letter - an attempt to gag "fair comment" on this Website
  • Letter of support for Freedom of Speech in answer on this website (above)
  • Click here to read other letters of support to the letter threatening this website(above)
  • Ask the NRA for a public review of the RCD injectible - Ban the RCD Baits
  • Click here for "Why we should not allow the approval of RCD baits in Australia"
  • Click here to read about some of the unsolved RCD "X files"
  • Run rabbit run - UK
  • Media release re Bettongs and Deregistration of RCD
  • Travel warning to those visiting RCD/VHD infested countries
  • Rabbit Calicivirus Disease - Frequently asked questions
  • Current VHD/RCD News (Includes latest New Zealand outbreaks/news)
  • QUICK INDEX - VHD/RCD scientific information
  • URGENT 1/1/98 -Oppose registration of RCD/RHD coated baits
  • URGENT :Please print out and mail this letter to The Hon. Mr Mark Vaile MP, Commonwealth Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australia.

    Current VHD/RCD information
  • Read the latest on the role of insects in carrying RHD from CSIRO
  • Eurosurveillance Website - For Disease Info humans/Animals
  • Promed Website - Emerging Infectious Diseases - Animals/Humans
  • All the virology on the WWW
  • The Calicivirus Pages at the Institute for Animal Health (UK)
  • View the VHD virus - courtesy CSIRO
  • Scientists linked to biological warfare against animals
  • New rabbit control handbook
  • Technical References on RCD/Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease
  • Vaccinate your rabbit (includes symptoms of rabbit haemorrhagic disease)
  • FOI access to RCD/RHD human health serology data DENIED.
  • Points to consider about the use of RCD as a potential Biological Control Agent

    URGENT 4/9/98 - PLEASE READ - NRA being pressured to approve deadly RHD baits after apparent "NO" decision.
    Your letter or email can help - please click here for details

    Pictures of ears taken from RHD/RCD infected wild rabbits in NZ (the only country in the world which allows the use of RCD baits)

  • Click here to read an abstract of the "ear-rot" article
  • Click here for purchase details for the February 1999 issue of the New Zealand Veterinary Journal.

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